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Sunday, September 17, 1pm: Irish music

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Fiddlesticks Irish Jam

Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 1pm. Ending times by level.

Maple Leaf Lutheran Church, 10005 32nd Ave NE, Seattle — downstairs from 100th St side

With special guest accompanist Sue Truman, guitar

A jam session is about getting together to share tunes for the joy of it. You play along with the ones you know already, and get some inspiration by listening in on some that you haven't learned yet. Jam sessions aren't for teaching new tunes.

What age? Students in elementary through high school grades are welcome to participate. The first half hour or so is inclusive of all levels, so some kids will be done around 1:40 (though they are welcome to stay and listen after that!). After the break, experienced players take it further, wrapping up between 2:15-2:30. Parents are welcome to either drop kids off and return, or hang out and listen to the jam, but the playing circle is students and Fiddlesticks teachers/accompanists only.

What instrument? Most returning participants play violin, and Fiddlesticks director Shula Kleinerman will be hosting the session and leading the tunes on violin. Other instruments are very welcome — plucked strings, lower bowed strings, wind instruments — as long as you feel comfortable without a teacher modeling on the same instrument as you.

What tunes? You might be an experienced player with dozens of tunes in the featured style at your fingertips, or you might have just learned your first one! When you register, you'll gain access to our tune list, where you can request tunes you know and find out which tunes you might want to learn or dust off to play with the group. It's also fine to just request a tune spontaneously in the circle, whether or not it was on the list in advance.

If you don't know an Irish tune yet, you can learn this Fiddlesticks favorite at home to play at the jam. (Less-experienced players may find this slow teaching video helpful. And here's what it sounds like all together. When you register, we can send you notation if you want.)

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